As the Admission Authority, the Trust is responsible for the Admissions Arrangements in our school.  TEFAT's Admission Arrangements can be found here

School Admissions

School admissions are open each year for you to apply online for both primary and secondary attendance for the following year. Secondary applications can be made from 1st September, Primary applications can be made from 1st October.

School Admissions Admissions into Nursery 

Our admission procedure for Nursery is as follows:

Parents may enter their child’s name on to the waiting list for Nursery from birth. Spaces are allocated in birth date order following their third birthday. We endeavour to provide each child a place in our Nursery at the beginning of the term following their third birthday as long as spaces are available.  

E.g. A child turning 3 years old in November will begin in Nursery in January if places are available.  

Please complete the Nursery application form on this webpage and return to the school office as soon as possible if you would like a place in our Nursery.

Parents can request a place from birth but a place is only provided once a child turns 3 years old. We offer a morning and afternoon session. Both sessions are for 3 hours. This totals 15 hours per week which is free of charge. We aim to accommodate parental requests for either am or pm but am sessions tend to fill more quickly.   

Please note that attending the Netherbrook Primary School Nursery DOES NOT in any way guarantee a place at the school in Reception.   

Admissions into Reception 

Netherbrook Primary School follows the agreed admissions procedures of Dudley MBC. Please click on the following link to go to the Dudley Primary Admissions Application website for further details.

Typically places are offered in the following order of priority: 

1. Looked after children or children who have previously been looked after. 

2. Children with specific learning difficulties that Netherbrook Primary would be best placed to accommodate.

3. Children with siblings already in the school. This applies to step siblings and half siblings etc. 

4. Children who live closest to the school in a direct straight line from their home to the front entrance of the school. 

Please note that the admissions arrangements are wholly managed by Dudley MBC, the school has no input or control over which pupils are allocated a place.   

Applications must be completed by the middle of January for places to be taken up in September of the same year. 

Parents are encouraged to select the maximum of 5 schools in order of preference. If only one school is selected and you do not get a place at that school, a place will be provided at the nearest other appropriate school with a vacancy, but only after all other applications have been considered first.