SEND Information

From September 2014, all schools are expected to publish a document to help parents/carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) understand what services they and their families can expect from a range of local agencies.

It should help them understand how the system works, and how the local authority, local area and the school will support both the child and the family.

Details of this are included in our report and the documents and links below:

Also see our Inclusion and SEND Policies on our Policies page.

Our school SENCO is Mrs L Reeve.

Inclusive School

Netherbrook Primary School is an inclusive school. We believe in inclusion in mainstream school wherever possible, to enable all pupils, whatever their educational need to achieve their full potential.

We have a non-class-based Inclusion Leader or Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator - SENDCO. She identifies and monitors children who are placed on the Special Education Needs Register to ensure that all needs, whatever they may be, are fully met. The SENDCO liaises with class teachers and relevant outside agencies to plan relevant provision. Parents are kept fully informed regarding their child's progress and regular review meetings are held throughout the year.

Children with special needs are primarily supported within the classroom by the year group team. Year group staff are aware of the needs of the pupils and, with input from the SENDCO, they maintain a provision map, which details how individual needs will be met through the use of an individual learning plan known as a My Plan. Progress is closely monitored, and appropriate interventions and additional support are available to pupils who need it.

Examples of Special Education Needs provision include 1:1 and small group mathematics or literacy work, reading and language and communication groups. Year group teaching assistants will often take these intervention groups, making sure that the strategies and skills learnt there are put into practice back in the classroom. Most interventions are delivered in short bursts to ensure children have access to a full curriculum.

We have close links with Dudley’s Learning Support Services (LSS), Autism Outreach, an Educational Psychologist, Dudley Speech and Language Unit and the school nurse, all of whom support us in developing and delivering an inclusive curriculum for our Special Education Needs pupils.