Our Pupils

Netherbrook Primary School takes pupil leadership very seriously. In school, our pupils can take part in a range of groups with additional responsibilities. Such groups include:

  • School Council
  • Head Boy and Girl
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • House Captains
  • Playground Leaders
  • Librarians

School Council

School Council Members 2022/23.

At the beginning of the school year, each class from Year 1 to Year 6 elects a School Councillor.

The School Councillor is then part of the School Council and everyone meets together to discuss issues that the children then decide upon.

The School Council gives our pupils a voice - their opinions are asked and listened to; and their views are considered, eg. when planning to buy new playground equipment for lunchtimes and playtimes, the children discussed the types of play equipment they would all like to have.

Head Boy and Girl and Prefects

We have a superb Junior Leadership Team in school made up of Prefects, Librarians, House Captains, Playground Leaders which are all led by our Head Boy and Head Girl.

Their role is to organise the Prefect team and ensure all roles and responsibilities of the team are carried out properly.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are expected to set the highest possible example to other pupils around the school, they attend school events such as Parents' Evening and Fayres etc. They work hard to support the pupils in school to be the best that they can be. We are always very proud of them. This is a role that we are looking to expand upon every year. The Head Boy and Head Girl receive a plaque at the end of the year and their names are added to the Roll of Honour.

Head Boy and Girl 2022/23.
Prefects 2021/22.

House Teams and Team Captains

We have four house teams at Netherbrook Primary School. These are:

  • Bristol (Blue)
  • Norwich(Yellow)
  • Exeter (Green)
  • Chester (Red)

All children are in a house team from Reception through to Year 6 and siblings are always in the same team. Children earn house points for all sorts of things - for example, persevering when faced with a challenge, working hard in class, being polite and helpful and for being kind.

When they have earned the required number of house points they receive their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards respectively.

Our children also take part in House Team events, eg. sports day. Each House Team has a boy and a girl House Captain from Year 6 and these pupils are given additional responsibilities such as helping organise sports day.

Playground Leaders

Our Playground Leaders are from Years 4 and 6 have been chosen by us to have proven leadership skills.

They help to put out and put away playground equipment. They are responsible for reporting any broken equipment and for working alongside the lunchtime staff.

They are easily recognised by their playground leader badge which they proudly wear at all times.