Our Library

Here at Netherbrook Primary School we believe that books and a love of reading should be at the heart of each child’s personal learning journey. With this in mind have an excellent and very well equipped library to cater for all of our pupils’ varied interests.

The school library offers a bright and stimulating environment where children choose from over 4,000 fiction and non-fiction titles, poetry, magazines, children’s newspapers and stories on CD. By providing an outstanding selection of materials the library supports the requirements of the National Curriculum and encourages children to read for pleasure and enjoyment.

The layout of the library has been carefully planned to enable children to easily find the books they enjoy and to encourage them to progress and develop in their reading.

The information books are arranged by the same alphabetical and numbered classification systems used in all schools across the area and throughout the public library system. This supports our children to become confident and successful library users; opening up the world of lifelong learning as they progress through their school lives and beyond.

Children from across the whole school visit the library on a fortnightly timetable for stories, information skills sessions and to borrow books to take home.

From Year 2 upwards each class has two elected class librarians who help scan the books, keep the library tidy, create displays and contribute to library development.

Weekly reading groups are run by our librarian with children from both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, At these lively sessions children are encouraged to read and discuss a range of interesting and inspiring fiction, information books, poetry and biographical material.

We also forge strong links with Dudley School Library Services and the public library system across Dudley and the West Midlands.

Pupils are encouraged to read as often and as widely as possible as we firmly believe that reading is the key to success in school and in life in general.