Event - Foundation's Oral Health Visit

5 March 2014

On Wednesday 5th March Stacey from Birmingham Oral Health Team came to visit us with her friend Henry the Horse.

She talked to us about how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day and visit the dentist. She showed us the tools that the dentist uses to see all of our teeth and how many teeth we have. We counted Henry’s teeth to make sure he had them all.

We looked in Stacey’s bag to see what food and drink she had brought that keep our teeth healthy. We found, apples, bananas, pears , water and milk. These are good foods to snack on.

Then we got to practice how to brush our teeth, making sure we brush the front and back of our teeth. We used the giant teeth and toothbrush and we learnt a song to help us, some of us even got to brush Henry’s teeth.