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Sophie Darby
19 Nov 2018

My little one is settling so well into pre school. The teachers assistants and lunchtime staff have really made her feel comfortable with the transition from private nursery. Highly recommended.

Rating: Excellent

Elena Tudor
18 Dec 2017

I was so worried about my 3 son's starting a new school but netherbrook and it's staff and pupils made the transition as easy and pleasant as possible. I have 3 happy boys at school now all due to the caring and warm nature of the school and I am honestly impressed with how outstanding I've found the school to be in all areas. Thank you for being so welcoming.

Rating: Excellent

Rachael Morrison
16 Jun 2016

Thank you very much to all the teachers who gave their evenings up to take the children to theatre. Max said it was the best show yet.

Rating: Very Good

Teresa Parfitt
25 Feb 2015

An excellent website, easy to access and lots of useful information. I wouldn't expect anything less from this much Improved school.

Rating: Excellent

Andrea Toland
10 Jan 2015

A very informative website for an outstanding school, where children always come first and are happy and safe,what more could a parent ask for?

Rating: Excellent

Clare Southen
08 Sep 2014

A really great website. Full of useful information.

Rating: Excellent